dbr Studios has evolved once more. The studio has been closed & rented to a new company called PhatLab that has one hell of a reputation and we hope them all the best for the future recordings and mixes to come.

Me, I'm now working as a freelancer in studios around Europe or with my mobile recording setup wherever I go. From full rock bands, electro-pop, new wave projects to pre-prod rehearsal recordings, film soundtrack and freaky wicked experimental mixes are coming in lately. Thank you to all the people that trust my work. Peace, M.


More than 15 years of experience recording in studios, rehearsal rooms, farms, garages, houses, caves and mostly any other strange place you can think of. Lucky me, I had always the chance to work with very beautiful people and this is my only condition. All the rest, we can always adapt.


In the studio or online I can help you with your productions. You can send your mixes through fidbak and we can find a way together how to take the your tracks to another level and still keep your production within your budget. Mixes online unfortunately can not be assisted. Please prepare your tracks well before you send them. If you have any doubts, please contact me first.


Mastering happens only online . You can send your mixes through fidbak and I’ll send you back the master finished within 48hs. Mastering sessions can not be assisted. If you have any doubts, please contact me first.


Contact Info

+33 (0)7 82 52 82 99
rue du capitaine Ferber
75020 Paris